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Shandong Reida Technology Group Corporation Ltd is well-known in China for its large and high-precision blades and moulds producing. With excellent quality management system and strong technical force, Reida Group has invested a large amount of money to bring in advanced 6-meter long vacuum heat treatment equipment, 6-meter long vacuum PVD coating equipment and other processing equipment, such as 6-meter long grinding machines and machining machines. Reida Group has spent much time and money on PVD coating R&D, and successfully launched single-layer and multi-layer PVD coating products, which highly prolong products’ life span. Reida Group also provides PVD coating, vacuum heat treatment business and other large die steel and high-speed steel and tungsten carbide processing business. 
Reida Business Philosophy: Honesty Comes First
Management Policy:
Efficiency is the basis, development is the heart, win-win is the goal.
Management Target: 
Standardization, Routinization, Internationalization, Simplification
Reida MissionBe the world leading cutting blades manufacturer.
Reida Culture: Honesty, Sincerity, Carefulness, Perseverance, Confidence and Love.


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